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Saturday, October 02, 2004


Hello from Italy in Autumn

Our Italian children. The apostle John wrote, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." (3 Jn. 4) Marta and Amedeo are a young couple whom we have nurtured in the Lord over the years, as they raise their family, strengthening our church. They have hosted and led Bible studies in their home. Currently, they are providing some solid Italian input in the congregation in Ancona. They share the Gospel with people whom the Lord brought into their lives. This required some serious counseling with them, because of each one?s personal problems. One of these ladies is on the verge of becoming a Christian. We spent a day with them, teaching and praying with their friends. Please intercede for Marta that her efforts with this dear one, bear fruit to the Lord's glory.

1 Corinthians studies continue. Harold is moving forward with his PowerPoint presentation of 1 Corinthians for weekly preaching and teaching at Matelica. The program consists essentially of the standard Italian text, with a simplified "man-on-the-street" language paraphrase, to help people grasp Paul's meaning faster. On Sunday morning, Harold presents the text; at the mid-week Bible study, we hold conversations about how to apply Paul's message personally and practically in our lives. One older lady who is almost illiterate has perked right up and is now beginning to understand, because she commented, "These explanations make it so clear!" Pray with us that the Spirit who inspired this great message, be permitted to penetrate the heart of everyone who studies with us.

English as a Second Language. Communication barriers arise for Italians who cannot speak English in their business, whether it be their foreign-based factory or in the tourist industry. Roberto, a design engineer for a local factory approached Harold, asking for English conversation. He hopes to be able to use his English knowledge to speak with his local contacts in Poland, France, Russia and (hopefully) China. Harold shared the Gospel with this man, since he sees him, not merely as a language student, but as a person for whom Christ died, and as a friend to care about. Pray that the trust level of this friendship might grow, so that Roberto may open his life to the Word.

No Website yet. We are very close to advertising our Bible study books on our own Internet website, but since we are happy Macintosh users, our potential helpers started looking the other way, since they are not Macintosh literate. Pray that we may get this thing off the ground, and the books into the hands of our Italian preachers and teachers.