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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Dear Loved Ones in the Lord

We have grandchildren in the Lord! Rejoice with us: Marta DiLevrano Riccardi, one of our daughters in the Lord (a sister who grew up in the Matelica church where we serve) has just won her first person to Christ, Agnese Borrelli. She requested that Marta baptize her, so they checked with Harold to see if this would be alright. Harold said, "Remember that verse over in Acts that says, 'Women must never baptize anyone'?" There is no such verse, so Marta had the joy and privilege of immersing Agnese into Christ in the Adriatic Sea. And wouldn?t you know it? Marta herself is even more zealous to bring another person to Christ.

Check out our website. Thanks to your prayers, the Lord sent us Matt Crosser (missionary in Ancona, Italy), who set up our website! You may now download our monthly news Updates. Our website is you may download all our current Updates. Just click on the English section and go right to our news. The Italian section is still under construction as we develop the catalog of our Italian Bible study books and monograph studies. Our email addresses are; (Why two? Backup strategy.)

What a birthday gift! Anonymously, one of our Italian sisters has been generously giving roughly 20% of her pension to the care for orphan children in another part of the world. To protect her anonymity, we'll leave out her name here. For her birthday this year, she requested that her children not give her a material gift. She said, "I have everything I need and more than enough, so I?m content." So she requested that they simply give her the cash they would have spent on gifts for her. She explained, "I want to give this money to the mission we support in Guatemala!" What a vision! What a joy is hers! What a model!

Please empty the trash. We continue to send out Updates to our friends and supporters, but many of the Updates bounce back to us, and never arrive at the destination! The reason the servers give is often "mailbox full" or "mail quota exceeded." Solution: delete old, out-dated mail from the mailbox. Please pass the word to others, because we really do long to share news with them too.

Also, we know that SPAM and SMUT are serious problems, so serious in fact that many Christians are using spam- and smut-blockers for their protection. These, however, eliminate our legitimate mail. Would someone out there give us some input on how to get our message past the smut- and spam-blocks, please?

Please add our addresses to your Microsoft Outlook Express electronic address book and in your Junk Mail Filter as desired mail. This tells your computer that you want mail from us. If you have a spam-block, maybe you?ll need to inform it to consider our address "clean" and "acceptable."

Our Update is no longer going through to anyone that has an AmericaOnLine (AOL) address, because AOL continues to bounce every single Update back to us with the explanation that "this service is unavailable." Our server is working on this problem, but this may prove extremely complicated.

So, would you pray that we may communicate with the rest of our people?
Love from both of us,
Harold and Enid Fowler