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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Snow, snow and more snow. Our winter wonderland may be an old story for you, but when the snow piles up to 3-4 feet deep on the level, and stays on with continual snowing for a week, it makes the news. Thank the Lord for warm clothes, good boots and snow shovels; we were able to dig out our parking area and driveway, just to get to church. We did cancel our midweek Bible study once, because the snowplows could not clear the roads in time. We helped some of our church people to dig out. When they wanted to thank us, Harold said, "Actually, what do we owe YOU? There is usually a fee for a workout at the local fitness center, and you let us get this great exercise for nothing?!"

Nigerian Christian comes to Matelica. Kingsley Eseguee moved from Nigeria to Italy to find work, and he brought his faith with him. Although he lives about 45 km away, he catches the 6:30 a.m. train to Matelica to worship with us. He comes from one of the non-instrument congregations in Nigeria, has been trained to preach, so it should be interesting to see what develops in the near future. He yet speaks little Italian and much more English, so Harold gives immediate translation of his own sermons as he preaches them.

Matthew studies. Enid and Harold are both teaching on the Gospel of Matthew at Matelica. Enid prepares the lessons for the children, while Harold translates his commentary as background for the adults. Keep praying for Harold's dream to leave his commentaries in Italian in the hands of the local Christian leaders of the next generation.

Whom can the Lord use? One of your Italian sisters just a few years ago could not read, and deeply felt this incapacity. Her love of the Lord makes her long to share her faith. Without any formal education, she often feels handicapped. Whom could this barely literate mother bring to Christ? In her son's restaurant, a Polish girl works as waitress. Our sister has been sharing the Gospel with her. The Italian Bible did not speak to the girl's heart, so the Christian lady requested a Polish Bible, ostensibly for the girl's mother who also lives in a nearby town. One of the Polish Christians we met at the Mid-Winter Rally in Germany, furnished us a Gideon New Testament in Polish! The Lord can use anyone to share the Gospel; He can make him or her able, but they must be available. Do we have to tell you that, in our church, she is also the biggest giver to missions? Do you think that there is any connection?

Thanks for your love and prayers!
Harold and Enid