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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


A new grandson. Rejoice with us. Our daughter, Roberta Macallister, has given birth to our eleventh grandchild, a boy named Samuel. Born prematurely, he is going through some struggles, as did his brother, Ian, who didn't make it. We thank you for your prayers for us, because they include this little chap too. Along with Jason and Roberta, we have been trying to relax in the Lord, letting Him and the doctors work. This family is understandably concerned because Roberta had the same symptoms this time, as she did before the short-lived birth of Ian.

Matthew studies. Enid and Harold continue teaching on the Gospel of Matthew at Matelica. Enid prepares the lessons for the children, while Harold translates his commentary as background for the adults. Keep praying for Harold's determination to put his commentaries into Italian for the next generation's Christian leaders. Matelica's leaders were out due to sickness or working elsewhere, so Harold has done most of the preaching and teaching from January and February.

Matelica is international. All of Italy has a growing international population, with foreigner workers pouring in from everywhere. Just a few years ago, only Italian was spoken here. Now even our small town, located in the middle of nowhere, feels the "globalization-effect" up close! In our grocery stores you may hear Polish, Turkish, Albanian, Slavic, Arabic and some African languages!

Kingsley Eseguee (Nigerian) continues to worship with us at Matelica, sometimes bringing with him a Nigerian Catholic friend. Recently, an Italo-Egyptian (!) believer dropped in on us at worship. He works in Matelica, so we hope to encourage him to grow in the Lord. What were they saying about the Lord bringing the mission field to our own doorstep in the United States? Pray for us too, that we may be boldly evangelistic among these emigrants who have entered into a country with a zero population growth figure, bringing with them whatever religion they had in their country of birth.

We appreciate your prayers, and give thanks for your love.
Harold and Enid Fowler