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Friday, April 01, 2005


Samuel is home! Rejoice with us, your prayers have been answered: he was to be born around April 15, but a physical crisis arose requiring that he be taken by Caesarean section, so he was born on February 21 instead. Thank the Lord; he is now home with his parents, and apparently living quite a normal life for a little boy. He is well named: "Heard by God," because we all "asked the Lord for him." May he arrive at that happy moment when God calls him, and he can say, as did the great prophet Samuel, "Speak Lord, your servant is listening."

We have other children and grandchildren too. Pray for them too, because we are proud of every one of them. Carrie (Colorado Springs) has three children, Sabrina, Michael, and Justin. Linda (Kentwood, Michigan) has an unmarried daughter, Carrie Sue, a married daughter, Rachel, and a son David who is father of our two great grandchildren, Tara and Jaden. Malcolm and Debbie live in Grand Prairie (Dallas). Stuart and Dawn (Valdosta, GA), have two children, Robert and Kristin. Lisa and Kenneth Ullsperger (Aurora, CO, Denver) have one son, Evan. And, of course, Roberta and Jason Macallister (Parker, CO) now have one son, Samuel.

Our rent raised. Our house rent jumped by $200 a month, since our house contract is now updated to reflect the housing market price-base in Matelica. Our old contract was based on prices twelve years ago; so, this rise was not altogether unexpected, although it does put a bit of a bite on our funds!

The ministry of Lisa Dilevrano. Your dear sister at Matelica has known humiliation all of her life, not being permitted to attend school. Her family constantly put her down: "You don't know how to do anything." But Enid taught her to read, and we encourage her to read Scripture aloud in our Bible study and she has grown spiritually. So when her Christian niece, Patrizia Epifani, came down with cancer, her aunt Lisa knew exactly what to do. She would read her the Scriptures by long-distance phone from Matelica! Patrizia could hardly talk, but she could listen on her cell-phone, while Lisa would read to her, pray with her and try to encourage her in this simple way. At the last, Patrizia could not speak, and when one of the local Christian men visited her in the hospital, she specified that her funeral take place in the church of Christ, and that it not be a Catholic funeral (her husband's parents were Catholics). The brother read Scripture to her, and she listened awhile and then asked him to sing a hymn she remembered. As he began to sing, Patrizia found her voice, and sang along with him! This dear girl left for that Better Land singing! What a testimony of Christian faith! And it was Lisa DiLevrano, "the lady who doesn't know how to do anything" who helped sustain Patrizia in her last days. Some may have more talents than sister Lisa, but what she did makes us wonder what are we doing with ours. She did what she could.

Thanks for your love and prayers for us!
Harold and Enid Fowler