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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Answer to prayer ? answer to depression. Recently, both Harold and Enid were discouraged about problems: the work was not progressing as we hoped it would. We simply stopped what we were doing and prayed, and, wouldn?t you know it? Within one hour a brother from another section of Italy, called to invite Harold to present a seminar to a church we have not visited before! The caller knew our work because of our publications, books and tracts that he had used, and, so he is inviting folk from other area churches for this meeting. What an encouragement this was, to return to work, highly motivated! Praise the Lord!
There?s more! That same day, the Lord prompted another brother from north of Rome to drop us an email, requesting us to come alongside another brother who is going through some deep depression. The writer also requested information about books on the validity of the Bible, for his nephews.
These brethren probably did not realize that, by treating us as a point of reference for help, they were serving the purposes of ?the God of all encouragement.? Pray that we may support the weak as He has reassured us.
Pray for Francesco. At the Thursday night Bible study, this Matelica church leader is teaching a fine series on the Gospel of John. His positive input is blessing his own life as much as that of those who study with him. John?s point is to build faith in Jesus and give eternal life to the believers. Francesco is catching this and passing it on to the others. Only knowing Jesus furnishes the motivation to get down to the essential functions of Christianity, and participate in the joy He brings.