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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


More on Gnosticism. Last month we reported contacting ?a real live Gnostic? at one of our church rallies. Although he considers himself a Christian believer, he is really a follower of an Austrian guru. From his numerous writings, the Italian believer sent us 131 pages of fine-print material for study. This demanded that Harold concentrate on responding to the Gnosticism. The Italian Gnostic answered, ?Thanks, I?ll be studying your responses.? We?ll soon know whether he really is a seeker of truth, or a lover of the esoteric for the sake of its seemingly profound quality, and whether or not this particular heretic is open to conversation about the reliability of God?s Word without addition or subtraction. Pray with us that the Lord develop our patience to deal adequately with this man, and others like him.
Women?s convention at Velletri. Three women from the Matelica church joined many others at Velletri, south of Rome, for a fine time of fellowship and learning, designed specifically for women and by women. In this presumably matriarchal society, the woman?s role is decisive where felt; unfortunately, when others do not consider her role significant, they decide it for her. In a ?macho male? environment, some Christian women have difficulty expressing what they consider important for their own growth and that of others. These and other issues were the object of the Velletri convention?s attention.
We took a two-weeks break to fly to the States to take care of some personal business. Thank the Lord, we were able to embrace our son, Stuart, just back from Iraq alive and well. Harold?s sister had a sudden congestive heart failure, and we were there in time to see her. (After a stent insertion, she is doing well.) Meanwhile, back in Matelica, brother Francesco DiLevrano planned the teaching in Harold?s absence. Three of the women were responsible for the children lessons.
Fowlers to States in 2007. If the Lord wills, we are planning to return to the States to visit our supporting churches, renew acquaintances and give account of our stewardship for the work we are doing. If you would like to include your church in our tour, please let us know.