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Friday, June 02, 2006


Silvia Born Again. Converted by her husband, Matteo, she asked Harold to immerse her. Together with Amedeo and Marta, another couple from Matelica, they are following Harold?s Bible course on 1 John. They drive about 100 miles round-trip for these studies. Then they take home their lessons to teach them to Agnese, a lady converted last year. This group of five Christians are the nucleus of a house-church. Pray with us that they may overcome the obstacles.
Matelica Christians celebrate Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. One of the blessings and advantages of a long ministry is the opportunity to share in the joy when a church?s long-time Christian family arrives at life?s milestones. Salvatore and Lisa DiLevrano, members at Matelica, celebrated their 50 years of marriage by repeating their vows before a packed crowd during our regular worship. All of the guests are Catholics, so Lisa and Salvatore, like their children before them, asked to combine worship and wedding. This provided a very different testimony because the meditation focused attention on the real nature of married life as God intended it. All other aspects of worship remained the same, giving our visitors a better idea about orderly Christian worship. One aunt commented, ?I?ve never experienced anything like this; it was beautiful.? Others reported favorable comments. Best of all, Lisa and Salvatore enjoyed this exceptional opportunity to stand up before their happily surprised Catholic kinfolk and give another, meaningful testimony to their faith. At the reception, Lisa, very shy in public, couragiously stood up and made a little speech in which she thanked God for giving them the strength to arrive at this moment.
New Book Coming: Why do we believe? Vittorio Vitalone, leader in the church in Rome, suggested: ?Harold, why not collect your various articles into one bound volume? It would be easier to keep them together, and, at the same time, present a book that would appear as more serious.? So, Harold is now gathering and editing various apologetics studies that defend the validity of the Bible. Besides his own material he is including articles from Seth and Ben Wilson, as well as from other sources that have proven beneficial over the years. It will include recent studies dealing with modern Gnosticism too.