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Friday, July 27, 2007

Update For July 2007

Enid is fine. During our travels, she developed severe leg pains, which doctors identified as a blood clot. This arose from the nature of our trip, since long-distance travel in cars and airplanes forces one to sit for hours. Ironically, this also holds true of sitting pratically immobile during intense conversations with dear friends, the very people we came to America to visit! Without her usual activity, in fact, a clot formed, costing Enid the pain and concern for a potentially worse problem. Thankfully, ER doctors gave her blood thinners to attack the problem, permitting her to arrive back in Italy. She is now able to go for long walks with no pain. However, doctors advised her to postpone our trip back to Italy for ten days.
Harold's sister passed away. Alice Marilyn went to be with the Lord after struggling for over a year with congestive heart failure that took her in and out of hospitals, without a decisive diagnosis. In the end, a fatal heart attack ended her suffering. We were able to fly to Georgia to be with her during her last four days. All her children were present for the informal, but heart-warming funeral. Even the timing of this event was providential, since we could have been in Italy. Instead, we were able to be in the States and with her at the time of her passing. Also this was the first week we had free during a busy schedule of visiting the churches, and it was the very week we needed most to be there with her.
Another "God-thing". We had hoped to meet Leonard Allen, editorial director of Abilene University Press, the brother who granted us the right to publish "A Church That Flies". Our speaking schedule left no time to go see him, but the Lord arranged everything anyway: Brother Allen was to speak in the Detroit MI area the same weekend we were to be there! Some brethren in the Troy church arranged for us to meet him and talk over a plate of pasta at an Italian restaurant (no less). This generous brother later offered further help to our ministry.
Pray for the book A Church That Flies. As summer races by, pray that we will be able to publish this book in time for several conventions coming soon.
Thanks for everything! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Christians we had known for a long time, and making new acquaintances. We're grateful for all the hospitality and kindnesses we were shown while in the States, especially from the dear Christian nurses and doctors we met along the way. We want to thank all of you who helped make our four months so enjoyable!
We are back in Italy. After driving 9,483 miles and flying 12,472 airmiles, we are now back home in Italy. We have been so blessed by so many! Now we we would ask your continued intercession for us that our re-entry would bring the Lord's blessing to the most people possible here.
Harold and Enid Fowler

Update For May/June 2007

The Marathon continues. We are in the States reporting to our supporting churches what the Lord has done through our ministry. He has blessed us with safety in our journeys from Colorado through Kansas and Oklahoma to Missouri. The next leg of the trip (Lord willing!) should take us to Illinois, Maryland and Michigan before we start west to Colorado and fly home.
We are enjoying the fellowship of dear Christian friends who have enriched our lives over the years. Others have already departed to be with the Lord, so we are missing dear ones who deeply impacted our lives. We have experienced the inexpressible blessing to embrace all of our children.
The shortness of the time does not permit us to get around to every home, so if we have not seen you yet, know that we love you and pray for your joy in the Lord.
Causes for prayer
Even with careful travel planning, we are doing some rather extensive long-distance driving, so we ask your prayers for traveling mercies. The Lord has already made His presence known, delivering us from a dangerous situation or two. Pray that our heavily loaded little car may carry us to each destination all through this month with flying colors.
Pray that Italian Christians may live in harmony with one another. Although we are working for unity in one sector, we received news of a negative development in a different part of Italy from where we live. But these brethren are still part of the same Body of Christ as all of us, so we ask you to pray for them.

Update For March/April 2007

Our trip to America. After whirlwind last-minute preparations, we made it to the States in the fullness of God?s blessing, even with the rough landing in Denver! We have begun visiting family and friends and speaking in the churches that help us.
Our Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration. Thanks to the splendid preparations made by our children and Enid?s family, we were able to celebrate 50 years of marriage in Colorado.
Other blessings.
? The Lord has already blessed in three small, but not insignificant, situations, smoothing out the road before us, showing His loving presence and watchful care. Thank you for praying for us!
? Harold spoke twice at the Central Christian Church and during five meetings at the Pikes Peak Christian Church in Colorado Springs. These fast-moving sessions underscored for us how fast the American churches have to move to meet the needs of people here.
Other answers to prayer. The American publisher of our projected book, A Church That Flies, has confirmed his permission to use the artwork for this fine book. Angelo Galliani has completed his critical reading of the book, and emailed to Harold his suggestions. Pray that we may finish the publication of this volume by summer, so that it can be put into the hands of the Italian Christians who attend the end-of-summer convention in Florence.
Thanks so much for the love that prompts you to pray for us, even as we thank God for you!
Harold and Enid Fowler