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Saturday, April 04, 2009


Another good book on the way. How would you go about sharing the New Testament Gospel with an Italian who has heard about Jesus, God, Peter, Paul and Mary all of his life? Especially, if he has rejected the Church and discarded the Bible "the Church's book"? One remarkable move of the Roman Catholic Church in relatively recent times is to put the Bible into the hands of the laity, encouraging people to read it. What a time of opportunity this represents! That is, if the prejudices toward religion in general permit people to read the Scriptures. New habits are required to develop the discipline of regular Bible reading, but where are the prejudices going to be faced and the new habits formed?
We think we have found a fine book that engages the mind and challenges us to come to grips with Jesus and his claims on our lives. James S. Woodroof, the author, presents in reasonable, easy to follow and even humorous, but not complicated form, Jesus' impressive methods, his impeccable teachings, his imposing philosophy of love and impelling relationships. He labels these "The Undeniables." Then he presents Jesus' Signs and Claims, calling them "The Unbelievables". The book's title "Between the Rock and a Hard Place" refers to the dilemma all of us must face: the things that we find unbelievable about Jesus and his message become believable in light of his undeniable character and miraculous signs. With real humility, the author suggests a method of pursuing and processing the valuable evidence about Jesus of Nazareth as a possible alternative to unbelief.
The book's subtitle is: "Adventuring into the Life of Jesus of Nazareth." Pray that we may publish this book soon and that this avenue of proclaiming of the Gospel may get past the prejudices and touch the heart of anyone who is willing, as Brother Woodroof says, to give the record regarding Jesus a fair hearing long enough to determine whether or not the Bible claims are credible."
Help us get another good book on the way to readers who, by grace, can make a real difference in the faith picture here in Italy.
With love from both of us,
Harold and Enid Fowler