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Friday, July 03, 2009


Earthquake! Thanks for your expressions of concern for our safety when it hit the city of L'Aquila. We were awakened about 3:13 in the morning as we felt the shock. Thank the Lord, the epicenter was located about two hours southeast of us, so we suffered no damage whatever. The reports coming in are bad, because of the thousands left homeless. The earthquake damaged the regional hospital too, leaving it in danger of collapse, so it could not handle the number of wounded brought it from the outlying towns also hit.

A big concern about the 50% damage report on schools, civic buildings and dwellings is the Mafia criminal element that over the years has secretly controlled construction companies from behind the scenes, and cheated big-time on public safety by using shoddy construction methods. They hid their crimes for years, but this earthquake exposed for the entire world to see the true character of their fraudulent authorizations and fictitious documentations of usability. What a striking illustration of the truth: "Be sure your sin will find you out!"

Italy?s civil defense is really good! The good news is that the civil defense, the military forces and many volunteer workers and civic groups have acted with incredible speed to take care of the thousands of people, providing shelter, food, services, getting kids into makeshift schools and helping homeless to get to hotels in nearby areas.

Interns from Ancona helped us. We enjoyed these mission apprentices working with us for those few days they were with us. They did a competent job. They all brought their laptops and each one listened to a Jim Woodroof sermon in English from his MP-3 live presentations, then transcribed it onto a Word document so that Harold can translate and publish them later, Lord willing. These heartwarming messages glorify God's matchless grace and are really needed teaching for perfectionists here.

New book in the works. Harold finished translating a fine book that presents Jesus as a viable alternative to any other belief system. While targeting the unbeliever, its basic approach can become a good model for believers to use in presenting Christ Jesus in a sensible way. Please pray that we may be able to publish this fine book this fall.

We are thankful for the Lord's care and protection and to you for your love! We send our greetings to the folks there.

Harold and Enid Fowler