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Friday, July 03, 2009


A church that grows. This theme for the 29th yearly convention for the churches of Christ in Italy brought people together at Velletri, south of Rome. Among the high quality messages, Paolo Mirabelli, leader in the Rome congregation, preached a fine sermon on Christian brotherhood around the theme: "Growing in Brotherhood". We have experienced this sense of belonging in the heart-warming camaraderie among the fine folk gathered there.
Paolo illustrated his message citing the treatment Joseph, son of Jacob, received from his brothers. Having no cellular phone, Jacob had sent Joseph to look for these men, and bring back word of their well-being. Instead, these brothers were willing to sell him into slavery in Egypt. A man noticed Joseph as he wandered around searching for the men, and asked, "What are you searching for?" Joseph answered: "I am seeking my brothers."
We too are seeking brothers and sisters, the love, warmth, fellowship, mutual encouragement and coworkers from men and women who belong to Christ. By our participation in similar meetings, we experience this loving fellowship year after year with these brothers and sisters. So we can say joyfully, "I have found my brothers." In various parts of Italy, we have family, and we are family to them. The Lord is keeping His word. (Luke 18:29-30)
Guests from America. Mark Moore and Mark Scott, both from Ozark Christian College, guided a Bible study tour following Paul's missionary journeys, visiting sites in Turkey, Greece and Italy, enriched by the daily Bible studies. In the group were some very dear people, Enid's sister and brother-in-law, Carole and Frank Martin, and Don and Nadine Hart. Their fellowship enriched us because some of the people knew of us and of our work, even if we had not met them, and could rejoice in our common bond in Christ.
Preparations for our next rally. In between trips to Rome for these events, we worked to print books to distribute at the coming conventions and messages for preaching and teaching meetings in June. More about these in the next update.
Please pray with us that these Bible study helps will have a long-lasting effect in the coming generation of Christian leaders in Italy.
Thanks for your love and prayers.
Harold and Enid Fowler