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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Women's Convention at Nettuno. Enid participated with 45 women from various parts of Italy. She was able to create a good display of our publications: Bible Study books, tracts on various subjects and workbooks for children. Because some of these sisters had not seen any of this material, they were glad to take some home for use in their families or churches.
Harold always takes Enid to the convention to transport the books. This year we were hoping to take three Matelica ladies with us, but one broke a leg, another was hindered by construction details on her house and the other began suffering from a spinal hernia! Incredible! Other churches were hit by similar problems, so attendance was a bit lower.
Harold preached at Aprilia. On this weekend, the church at Aprilia sent word that they would like to have Harold preach for them. We have always wanted to visit this congregation, but it was an even happier moment to be asked to preach for them too.
We are especially happy for the trust relationship that this visit meant! Harold had talked with the Aprilia elders before, and was looking forward to seeing them again, but this was not to be. These men trusted Harold enough to invite him on this unexpected moment to speak on a Sunday (now get this!) when the elders themselves would be absent! One elder was away, encouraging a small group to be a church, another was visiting a sick member at some distance from Aprilia, and so it went. This was no snubbing, because they trusted Harold enough to invite him to come to this non-instrument church even in their absence and preach the Gospel, without tearing something up for them. Harold said, "That kind of trust you can't pay for. The Lord simply gives it." The warmth and friendliness of these brothers was obvious and a vision of good things to come.
Some confided that they too are troubled by sectarian constrictions and disunity among the churches, and are asking themselves, "Isn't there anything better than sterile orthodoxy?"
Pray for the book. Harold has finished translating and correcting a useful book that challenges people to take a broader look at Jesus. This tool of evangelism especially targets skeptics both inside and outside the church. We often take for granted that the people sitting in church on Sunday morning are believers. They may well be struggling with the modern worldview that rejects the Judeo-Christian worldview. Their faith may be burned out, burdened with problems and struggling with life, so much so that the glorious message of Jesus and His offers of personal fellowship, go unheard. This study urges everyone to take another, longer look at Jesus. He is the Author of our faith and the Captain of our salvation. Sadly, "Churchanity" may well obscure the marvelous validity of his model, blind them to "the real Jesus" and actually discourage people from following him. So we publish this helpful commentary on Jesus. In Italian the book is entitled "Between the Anvil and the Hammer ? the Risk of Taking Jesus Seriously", and is ready for one more final reading, before going to press.
Update on our girls. Because our daughter Roberta's spinal hernia is still a source of unremitting pain, she goes into surgery soon. Debbie's broken arm seems to be healing well enough for her to return to work. Pray also for our other children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The Lord will know exactly what to do with your intercession.
We send you our love,
Harold and Enid Fowler